To the editors:

I am always amused by the ads run in your third section for the New York apartment building, a structure once described by the Reader as “ugly, self-important, overdense, and too expensive” [December 23].

Clearly the funniest in the series is the ad touting the New York’s neighborhood [August 11], especially when one considers that every aspect of life in the skyscraper, such as the parking garage with exit right on the Drive, the indoor health club, the lofty unobstructed view and the meals prepared and delivered to your suite, is designed to isolate inhabitants from the neighborhood their building blocks from the sun.

If Mr. or Ms. New York were to “take a stroll around [their] part of town,” as suggested by the ad, would they really “find everything from eye contact to business contacts” in their neighbors like those living in the federally subsidized housing immediately west? I didn’t think so.

Pete Golkin

In the shadow of the New York

N. Pine Grove