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In an August meeting at a Tampa, Florida, church, representatives of the Union of Independent Klansmen and the all-black Pan-African Inter-National Movement vowed to work together to create an independent African nation for African Americans. The groups agree that integration in the U.S. is impractical and that relocation payments should be made to African Americans as restitution for historical oppression.

Fetishes on Parade

Mark Wiegel, 33, was arrested at a mall in Salem, New Hampshire, in May after security guards confiscated a video camera hidden in a shoe box in his bag. Wiegel allegedly would set the bag down at a woman’s feet with the lens pointed up so he could videotape up the woman’s dress.

Marketing executive Leonard Schwartz, 34, was arrested in New York City in July and charged with impersonating a medical doctor in his swanky Manhattan apartment building. Schwartz allegedly took a female neighbor’s temperature rectally, tried to administer an enema to her, and offered to examine the 11-year-old daughter of another resident.

At a western-wear store in Omaha last February a well-dressed man in his 40s asked to see a horse harness for a costume party and went into a dressing room to try it on. He emerged a short time later and ran around the store wearing only his undershorts and the harness. After a few minutes he quietly changed back into his business suit, told the clerk he would be back with his wife to buy the harness, and left.

In May Minneapolis judge Richard Solum dropped prostitution charges against Jacqueline Reina, aka “Mistress Ayesha.” Reina was arrested by police when, during a raid on her chambers, she was discovered standing beside a naked client who was strapped to a sawhorse and on whose genitals she had placed 16 clothespins. Judge Solum reasoned that Reina herself was not responding to a sexual impulse from the act and therefore could not be found guilty of prostitution, but he did find her guilty of running a disorderly house.

Federico Fernandez, 35, was charged in Plainfield, New Jersey, in April as the man who has fondled at least ten women in supermarket incidents. He allegedly squirted them with liquid detergent and then apologetically wiped it off, fondling them in the process.

State police in East Saint Louis, Illinois, arrested Eddie Givens, 36, during a routine traffic stop and charged him with impersonating a police officer when he tried to avoid charges by presenting a badge. They also announced that Givens was a suspect in several area incidents in which a man claiming to be a police officer stopped female motorists and asked to suck their toes.

Three weeks apart in March a High Point, North Carolina, couple and a Clyde, Ohio, couple reported that someone had stolen approximately 50 used cloth diapers from their front porch and garage, respectively, before the diaper service showed up.


Last spring Christopher Ray Tirb, who was traveling from Hillsdale to Clinton, Michigan, drove off the road into a signpost, then swerved across the center line and sideswiped another car, and finally rear-ended a truck, necessitating a call for an ambulance for him. En route to the hospital the ambulance carrying Tirb was hit by another car.

In July Robert Lord, 42, was rescued after floating eight hours without a life jacket in the chilly and turbulent Strait of Georgia, between Vancouver Island and the Canada mainland. He had fallen off a ferryboat when he leaned too far out a window while vomiting.

An errant eight-foot-long javelin, thrown during warm-ups at a high school track meet in May in New Brunswick, New Jersey, went completely through the neck of Jeremy Campbell, 15, manager of his school’s track team, but missed vital organs by millimeters, enabling Campbell to be up and about the next day. The javelin is about an inch in diameter at its widest point; about one foot of it protruded through the other side of Campbell’s neck.

The Weirdo-American Community

In an article in the March 1993 issue of the Journal of Forensic Sciences, two California physicians reported on the deaths of two men who suffered mishaps while suspended naked on construction vehicles’ hydraulic shovels. The doctors reported that both men were trying to heighten sexual gratification, but that one went a little too far and asphyxiated, and the other was accidentally fatally pinned to the ground by the shovel while dressed in women’s clothes.

Least Competent Person

Milton Byrd, 32, was arrested in August for the robbery of a Purity Supreme supermarket in Boston when, a month and a day after the robbery, he walked back into the store to apply for a job and was recognized by one of the employees.

I Don’t Think So

David Richardson, 19, who was arrested in a Gadsden, Alabama, convenience store in August and charged with robbery, told police that he had made no holdup demand and in fact was only there to buy a few things. Police entered the store to find Richardson standing in the back, having just put a pair of panty hose over his face and socks over his hands, and carrying a butcher knife in his pocket. When he saw the police, Richardson, still wearing the panty hose, grabbed an item off the shelf and acted as if he were shopping.

Art accompanying story in printed newspaper (not available in this archive): illustration/Shawn Belschwender.