Lead Story

A judge in Peterborough, Ontario, upheld the eviction in June of a female college student from her apartment because of neighbors’ complaints that she moaned too loudly during sex. One neighbor said the sound lasted up to an hour per session, with up to three sessions a night.

Police Blotter

In December authorities in Taipei uncovered a gambling ring composed entirely of scores of deaf-mutes operating via fax machines. The gang mostly wagered on the results of mah-jongg games.

Randall Marlow, 20, escaping in January from California highway patrolmen who wanted to ticket him for deficiencies in his motorcycle, commandeered a golf cart at the nearby Valencia Golf Course and led officers on a five-mile-an-hour chase across the links before being captured.

Three criminal-justice majors from Prairie View A & M University in Houston wearing stocking masks were arrested in February and charged with the armed robbery of a restaurant.

Preston Ashley, 37, was wounded on New Year’s morning in Greenville, South Carolina, by police who had gone to protect his wife, Linda Ashley, who had been beaten. The police officers were Randy Ashley and Jimmy Dean Ashley, joined later by officer Rodney Ashley. None of the officers is related to Preston or Linda.

From the crime column of the February 15 Boulder (Colorado) Daily Camera: a 25-year-old Vail man, asked to stand on one leg on suspicion of drunken driving, told the officer after several failures: “I can’t even do this when I’m sober.”

Recently a Pensacola, Florida, man, dressed as a woman and running from police who wanted to question him about shoplifting, fell after becoming entangled in stolen clothing that had fallen out of his underwear as he was running.

A bank robber on the loose several months ago in Greensboro, North Carolina, used as his trademark a pair of colored bikini underpants that he pulled over his face during jobs. A police officer said he believes the man had a different color for every day of the week, giving as examples black for Tuesday and aqua-striped for Thursday.

Seeds of Our Destruction

On the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, while more protests occurred in Beijing, President Bush and his family dined in Bethesda, Maryland, at the Peking Gourmet.

Centers for Disease Control officials reported recently that of the 35 million Americans who are hospitalized this year, about 2 million will get worse while they are in the hospital because of exposure to germs.

About 2,500 men in Appenzell, Switzerland, each carrying a symbolic sword or dagger, voted recently to continue to deny females the right to vote on local issues, in defiance of Swiss law. (The village men permit women to vote on national issues.)

Wade Hardison, 38, received no prison sentence and ten years’ probation in Houston in December after shooting his wife to death. He explained that he was overcome with emotion over her affair with a younger man. Though the wife was found with a knife in her hand, the prosecutor pointed out that it must have been planted there because the gunshot surely would have knocked it out of her hand.

In March, South Carolina officials tried to reassure residents of Chester that the white dust caking their cars near the Borden factory was nothing to worry about–it was just Cremora. When moistened in the air, the particles, sometimes as large as snowflakes, harden like concrete.

In April, Richard Brenneke was found not guilty of perjuring himself before a grand jury in Portland, Oregon. The grand jury had indicted him for testimony in 1980 in which he accused George Bush of having flown secretly to Paris to encourage Iranian officials to keep holding U.S. hostages for several months to hurt Jimmy Carter’s reelection chances. Bush denied the claim, but neither he nor any assistant has been able to prove Bush’s whereabouts during the time Brenneke (who says he was then on the CIA payroll) claims he accompanied Bush to Paris. Bush aide Donald Gregg offered a photograph of Bush in Delaware on the date in question, but Brenneke, using weather service data, proved to the jury that the photo could not have been taken that day.

Art accompanying story in printed newspaper (not available in this archive): illustration/Shawn Belschwender.