Lead Story

David Osborne, 23, was arrested in August in Nashville as a suspect in several episodes in which a man wearing a woman’s dress and with an object protruding from his rear end bent over to moon people in shopping-center parking lots. The police file on the incidents is labeled “The Carrot Man.”

Weird Enthusiasms

As a biology class exercise, high school students in Odessa, Missouri, dissected kittens, removed their intestines, tied them together, “and [jumped] them as if they were jumping rope,” according to a school newspaper.

Michael Nau won $15,000 from a radio station in Somerville, Alabama, when he dived into a wading pool full of cow manure and rotting vegetables in a “most outrageous stunt” contest in June.

Arthur Freer was evicted in June from the garage he was renting in Evanston, Illinois, after the owner became suspicious because Freer was using it to store over one million pennies, in 235 bags, weighing over seven tons.

Daniel Perry Gmeinder, 70, was arrested in Palo Alto, California, in July after he pulled off his pants while walking down the street one afternoon and began singing “Happy Birthday” to himself and to passersby.

Steve Huygens, 25, spent 17 hours and $800 over a six-month period in a tattoo parlor in South Sioux City, Iowa, for a tattoo of James Dean that stretches across most of his back, beginning at mid-thigh. Said Huygens, “It starts lots of conversations.” He also said it hurt to have it done.

Former singing McGuire sister Phyllis has 28 servants in her Las Vegas home and a 40-foot-high replica of the Eiffel Tower in the 5,400-foot “section” of her living room devoted to French motif.

At least 14 cars and trucks had their tires punctured in a vandalism spree on May 13 in Mount Hope, West Virginia. Five days later, police charged Donald Ellison, 28, manager of the Fayette Tire Shop, with the attacks.

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher takes beauty treatments from an Ayurveda therapist, including mud, herbs, oils, and a bath charged with 0.3 amps of electricity.

Police Blotter

Highway patrolman Kevin Kennedy chased drunken driver Alfonso Rodriguez, who was weaving from side to side on a road near Houston in June, and had him pull over. Kennedy was on foot at the time, having stopped his car to cite another driver; Rodriguez was traveling at a speed of two miles per hour.

Miami police say three men walked into the Tequendama Restaurant one night in July after closing. One pointed a gun at a kitchen worker and demanded to see the manager; the worker said he didn’t speak English. He pointed the gun at a waiter and asked the same question; the waiter said he didn’t speak English. He pointed the gun at a waitress; she said she didn’t speak English. The three men then ran out of the restaurant.

A masked man who was about to surrender to police in Meriden, Connecticut, earlier this year forced a woman to prepare a meatball grinder for him with her hands tied and a gun pointed at her back, because “I’m never going to eat this good stuff again.”

Sandra Johanson, town council president of Hopkinton, Rhode Island, had her golden retriever kidnapped recently by a man who phoned her saying, “Get off the council, and you’ll get your dog back.” She refused.

Barry Andrews, 39, was arrested in Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania, in July for assault, making terroristic threats, and indecent exposure. He had held a gun on five people who had refused his “polite” requests that they help carry his girlfriend’s furniture from a truck into her house. A police affidavit reports only that Andrews “at some point” during the incident removed his clothes.

Curtis Rock, 34, was arrested recently in Stamford, Connecticut, when police found more than 125 vials of crack cocaine stuffed into the woman’s bra and underpants he was wearing.

Police in Austin, Texas, arrested three men and a woman in July when they attempted to rob a supermarket because they needed money to free an impounded car. One of the men, Kerry Young, had had his car confiscated earlier after he was charged with robbing two stores, the second robbery in order to obtain bail money he still owed after his release the first time.

Art accompanying story in printed newspaper (not available in this archive): illustration/Shawn Belschwender.