To the editors:

I enjoyed Ben Joravsky’s article on Hegewisch in the July 26 Reader.

It’s easy to smile cynically about sentiments like those expressed by Joe Ciezak in the interview. But what he said is true: Hegewisch is a small town in the city. Its residents know and care about each other.

I grew up there. And when I played or walked anywhere in town, I knew that everyone knew whose kid I was. When I return there after living elsewhere for 30 years, I still get that feeling. After 30 years away, Hegewisch is still home; a part of me belongs there. I can think of nothing better to say about a place to be from.

Maybe the greater good mandates an airport there. But Chicago should know it would be losing something unique, losing one of its nicest neighborhoods.

Not its finest, not its wealthiest, but its nicest.

Joe Paszczyk