To the editors:

Just recently I read Robert McClory’s August 7 cover piece on the “Superchurch” (Willow Creek) and wanted to compliment you and him on a good job.

I attended Willow Creek with a friend about a year ago and found it just as McClory described it. So many articles about the place are geared only to evangelical Christians–and thus are extremely adulatory–or at the other extreme to agnostics–and come across as patronizing and smart-alecky about the “marketing” of religion.

McClory, however, let his (quite legitimate) concerns fuel his investigation without indulging in the distortions of cleverness or “attitude.”

I showed the article to the minister of my church (average Sunday worship one-half of 1 percent of Willow Creek’s!) and we agreed that Willow Creek gives us mainline Protestants nothing to be ashamed of–and nothing to be afraid of.

Congratulations on a very good article.

Allen Smalling

W. Loyola