To the editors:

As a Cook County employee for the past 24 years I object very strongly to Commissioner Pappas’s sweeping assertions that county employees are part of a patronage army [“What Does Maria Pappas Want?” August 14].

I have never been invited, even indirectly, to perform any political activity as a condition of employment or advancement.

Like many others I became a Cook County Juvenile Court Probation Officer so that I could provide quality service to those most vulnerable and least able to afford it. As a member of the Department’s Training Division for 13 years, specializing in family therapy training, I’ve had the opportunity to supervise the work of very conscientious, dedicated professionals who have been a constant source of inspiration to me.

I am very angry that Ms. Pappas has chosen to slur these workers with her self-serving, stereotypical remarks.

God forbid that Ms. Pappas ever becomes President of the County Board with such distorted perceptions of Cook County Employees.

James H. Doell

Supervisor of the Early Offender Program

Cook County Juvenile Probation Department