I find it amusing that this month’s attacks [Letters, November 15] on Jonathan Rosenbaum’s pretentiousness (talk about beating a dead horse) all come in defense of a boring mediocrity like The Ring. Come on now…he’s criticized better movies than this tedious remake.

If you want to read a populist critic’s review of the latest blockbuster then buy the Sun-Times (or even better, read any of the anonymous cast of hacks at the Tribune). If you would like thoughtful commentary on movies that you may or may not have heard of and the world that they reflect, read Rosenbaum. BTW, my favorite Rosenbaum column remains the one lauding the auteurism of Small Soldiers while pillorying Spielberg for Saving Private Ryan (although considering his apparent recent conversion to Spielbergism he may want to revisit this review).

Michael Gershbein


Jonathan Rosenbaum replies:

I appreciate the kind words, but the conversion is only apparent: on further reflection, I still love A.I. Artificial Intelligence but dislike Minority Report.