To the editors:

I disagree strongly with Thom Andersen’s assertion (March 5) that Neil Jordan relies too much on surprise to create interest in The Crying Game. For starters, even a mildly observant moviegoer gets plenty of hints to Dil’s (Jaye Davidson’s) identity. His/her appearance set me to wondering immediately. Then of course one might notice the milieu of the bar she/he frequents. The lip-synching transvestites are a bit of a giveaway. Finally, there’s the bartender’s aborted warning to Fergus: “There’s something I should tell you . . . ,” a sentence that many viewers are able to complete accurately on their own. A random, if unscientific, survey of family and friends indicates that the vast majority at least suspected Dil’s secret and thus were waiting to see how Fergus would react. So Mr. Andersen, please don’t fault the director for your own attention lapses, and don’t waste our time with your flawed analysis.

Anne V. Nolan

N. Bosworth