Your picture of Bootsy Collins [Section Three, October 7] was backwards, giving the impression he’s a left-handed bassist. He is not. The neck of his bass was dangerously aimed west in his show at the Cubby Bear and his silver sleeve draped on his right arm. Bootsy’s not some Milquetoast left-handed embarrassment. Bootsy is a professional and wouldn’t use a lame attention-getting tactic like left-handedness. Bootsy is a regal figure, who inspires awe, fear, and love in his show. And the show was so good I wish there was a Wesley Willis song about it so I could relive the number in attendance and Bootsy’s attributes again and again. He’s not left-handed. And you can’t destroy him.

Laura Borealis


PS: I saw the Jacky Cheung show [Critic’s Choice, October 7] and his version of “Endless Love” made me weep. I wish the rest of the show was subtitled. Did you know he’s the top grand king in heaven?