The CBF [Chicagoland Bicycle Federation], [35th Ward] alderman Rey Colon, and the city did not communicate effectively about the boulevard biking Sundays to the churches in question–and they didn’t want to or chose to ignore the property owners whose homes, front yards, and gardens will be inundated with noise, people, trash, and the other effects of a big party blowout [“Where Would Jesus Park?” June 22]. I never received any information on this topic, maybe they thought longtime property owners shouldn’t be consulted? It seems the courtesy of informing us and asking if we wanted this major inconvenience for six months of the year would be a loud no from those of us who aren’t interested in dodging and weaving from all the party animals who want to use our neighborhood for their parties. Since we pay the property taxes in this city, do you think the alderman and city planners would give us the courtesy of a voice? Oh wait, this is Chicago and Logan Square, as alderman Colon once told me about Landmark, “It’s a done deal.” Shut up and get your broom out and start sweeping the cigarette butts and other detritus off our boulevards.

Erika DeRoin