When I received a letter from 3-D Chicago in December stating that I had been accepted into the Pier Walk maquette exhibition, I called 3-D Chicago and spoke with Joseph Tabet. I was interested in finding out exactly what this meant and whether I should be starting on a full-size piece. I was told that there was to be a “two-tiered jurying process” and that Dave Hickey, the juror, was going to be calling the artists selected for the maquette exhibit to talk over their proposals and would use that additional information to assist and inform his final selections for the outdoor exhibit.

When I repeated my question of whether I should be gearing up to build a big piece, Tabet reemphasized the two-tier and interview elements of the jurying process. The other Chicago artists that I have talked to recall similar conversations when they called.

As I had not heard anything by March 1, I called Mr. Tabet and repeated my request for information. At this point, he told me that while I was included in the maquette exhibit, I was not in the outdoor exhibit, and further that he had told me so in our previous conversation months prior. I reminded him that if that were the case I would likely not be calling for information at that late date, and that other “accepted” artists hadn’t heard anything from Hickey either as stated in December. I subsequently received a letter from 3-D Chicago dated early March stating that I am not in the Pier Walk exhibit.

Now I find my name on a published list of participants. Obviously, Mr. Tabet is vague not only about budgetary matters.

Ted Garner

N. Sedgwick

Deanna Isaacs replies:

You got that right. Tabet now says only three of the local artists in the maquette exhibit are slated for the Pier Walk. They are John Adduci, Victoria Fuller, and John Wenner.