Anthropologist Mumm’s reply to my letter [“Just Another Example of Whitewashed History,” Letters, September 7] contains some erroneous assertions as well as some valid points regarding the Latino population that saturated Logan Square in the late 60s and 70s. Unfortunately, using terms like “white flight” and “en masse” indicate a totality of action, which is an affront to Logan Square’s diversity that was then and continues to this day. Mumm continues by insinuating a false dichotomy stating that a reversal of history is somehow responsible for Latinos struggling to remain with whites who were struggling to escape. The whitewash Mumm refers to can also be described as economic development and the power is held by those who possess the capital to transform a once decaying neighborhood into a vital provident community. Mumm said it himself; the slumlords along Kedzie Boulevard allowed once beautiful brown- and graystones to rot. And he seemingly decries gentrification as if it were something bad, now that those same refurbished buildings are commanding premium rents. But this is whitewash according to Mumm and it is his implication that full circle means some natural return to a white community.

Then there is mention of criminal activity perpetrated by the Jousters street gang. Oddly, there is no mention in his rebuttal of any disruptive activity by the likes of the Latin Lords, Latin Kings, Spanish Cobras, and even a street gang known as Orquesta Albany. Chasing yuppie couples up and down Milwaukee Avenue is hardly a gang activity. And I can understand that Mumm didn’t recognize sarcasm as it doesn’t seem to carry easily over to the printed word. I am referring to my statement about a benevolent President Reagan. That Reagan accepted onto U.S. shores the Mariel boat people, which consisted of Cuba’s worst criminal element, Reagan should have been roundly censured. So no, Mr. Mumm, that statement is hardly indicative of my politics and I apologize for your having interpreted it that way. My Cinco de Mayo reference pertains to the Latino celebrations each May while my reference to Polish Constitution Day engulfs all European celebrations and festivities of times past. But then, I am not an anthropologist. I just happened to live in Logan Square for 40 years.

Mike Koskiewicz

W. Warwick