I wanted to write and express my disappointment at the cover story for the week of July 25.

In general, I love human-interest stories and biographies. However, I must take a stand when the human who is covered has credible talents for being a fast-talking salesman and a womanizer.

I think the climax to my annoyance was reading how August threatens to kill a woman and also physically attacks her. He then decides maybe he should straighten out his act only because his dog was put to sleep in the time he was incarcerated; because he physically attacked her and then hijacked her car as a ride to Chicago. That combined with the author’s repeated goal of wanting August to be some impetus for a change in his otherwise (apparently) mundane life.

It is a shame to me that you would highlight such an individual by giving him cover-story status. Violence against women occurs all too often for this to be just part of the story. If he hit one woman once he has probably done it to another, drunk, high, or not. The womanizing (and there is no way you can argue that he is not a “player”) is a common trait of men who have no respect for women.

If I were to ever see August outside the Aragon Ballroom (and it seems to me I just might) I will be up for letting him know treating women like that is not acceptable.

Esperanza Voltairine De Cleyre

AnarchoFeminist at large

Humboldt Park