Not Your Father’s Keeper

Dear editor:

Writing in the October, 13 Reader, Michael Miner went to a great deal of trouble (“O’Sullivan’s Travails”) before getting around to the point of his effort: to publicize the November 18 sale of photographic prints made by the now-disabled P. Michael O’Sullivan. The sale is to be held at the Irish American Heritage Center.

But first readers had to wade through filmmaker Mike Gray’s selective memories of O’Sullivan’s favorite drinking spot of a generation ago, the fabled O’Rourke’s (“Black Panthers in a back booth. And gorgeous intelligent babes with something to say”). Then readers had to suffer through a retelling of O’Sullivan’s sad personal history, starting with the photographer’s near fatal motorcycle accident. Miner also felt obliged to mention I that O’Sullivan now has a shaky living arrangement. It seems that O’Sullivan moved to Michigan to live with his brother, but that didn’t work out. Nor did the arrangement that

allowed O’Sullivan to live with his sister in a Chicago suburb. O’Sullivan couldn control his temper and was kicked out of his and moved away. What nerve! How dare they!

P. Michael O’Sullivan is a sad case, but why does Michael Miner feel compelled to offer lame excuses for the former’s bad behavior, especially actions aimed at physically harming, the defenseless elderly? Why should anyone other than O’Sullivan’s own family and friends be held responsible for his care? O’Sullivan still insists on going to the now-faded O’Rourke’s and it’s inconveniently located some distance from his current dwelling. Too bad. I wish Comiskey Park were located closer to my north-side home. I’m a lifelong White Sox fan and don’t see why Jerry Reinsdorf can move the team closer to where I live.

Sincerely yours,