To the editors:

“Mama Might Be Better Off Dead” is a poignant vignette of the problem of the 20th century–the collapse of time [September 24].

Twentieth-century man does not like to wait. The automobile and the Xerox machine are his cachets. (I use the term man in its generic sense.)

Abortion is the speeding of birth.

But God’s time is not man’s. Read Deuteronomy. Except through the artificial means of time-lapse photography, we cannot see a seed sprout.

The young black woman, Jackie, is the patron saint of modern Western man because she is his antithesis.

The role of money is the conferring of power which is the antithesis of love. And one who loves is one who waits and cares for another who is close to death. So money gives the illusion that one does not have to wait (you can pay others, i.e. “care givers,” to do your waiting).

But time is not money, even though most Americans believe it is.

The future belongs to the slow, those who stroll together and sit at home conversing instead of viewing television in mutual isolation.

Passivity inclines towards violence when the passive are stressed.

“The meek shall inherit the Earth.”

Thomas F. Mitchell

W. Cuyler