To the editors:

Writer Glenn Garvin’s revelation about NPR news’s “liberal” taint was news to me [“How Do I Hate NPR?,” June 25]. I’ve heard the news on WBEZ now and then and it’s seemed fairly innocuous. I suppose that in the American political universe of today (where the Democrats are in the center–or on the right–and the Republicans are God-knows-where) a mere careless “liberal” slip of the lip will seem pretty pinko. My impression is that all major news organizations–newspapers, radio, TV–express the point of view of this country’s owners. And, if NPR news is indeed “liberal” and Mr. Garvin and I (as taxpayers) are paying for it, I’m glad. Compared to the other grand schemes the owners have foisted upon us, it’s like losing a penny.

Olaf Mend

W. Patterson