To the editors:

I find it regrettable that yet another exchange of letters caused by the Glenn Garvin NPR-bashing article of June 25 is still going on without getting to the real point. The letters from readers and endless replies from Garvin on who wrote what and lied about this detail still miss the main point that I have referred to in my letters on the NPR letters that the Reader has been kind enough to print.

For those who have missed this long-running exchange, the main point remains that Glenn Garvin made a biased and ridiculous attack on NPR accusing it of a liberal, pro-Democratic, anti-Republican party bias. There is no question that NPR does exhibit a bias, in that it regularly ignores nonestablishment opinions and news sources. Garvin’s banal ploy echoes the braying of the conservative establishment exemplified by Rush Limbaugh, about the so-called liberal slant of print and visual major media. Peter Jennings’s recent undefensible statement along these lines illustrates the power of the establishment when it comes to coloring the news. They are not satisfied with merely maintaining their stranglehold on “mainstream” media, but let one or two liberal ideas get some airing, and all hell breaks loose.

Once again, for readers interested in a real, in-depth study of NPR, demonstrating its current establishment bias, Chicago Media Watch will provide a copy of the FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) authoritative report, based on a four month sample of 2,296 stories with 5,507 featured sources, almost all derived from government handouts and centrist or conservative think tanks. Address Chicago Media Watch, P.O. Box 10656, 60610, or call 312-604-1910.

Bill Sheldon