To the editors:

Happy as I was to have Live Bait and City Lit’s “Poetry Under the Lights” series featured on the calendar page [November 16], I was startled by several misconceptions which appear to have resulted from Ms. De Zutter’s brief interview with me. Allow me to correct them:

(1) The title of City Lit’s contribution to the series is The Hero’s Journey: The Poetry of Raymond Carver, not ” . . . the Late Raymond Carver” as Ms. De Zutter has it.

(2) Live Bait is not staging City Lit’s production. City Lit is staging its own production at Live Bait.

(3) It is not a play dramatizing “Carver’s transition from short fiction to poetry.” It is not a play at all. In keeping with the rest of the series, it is an evening of staged poetry.

(4) Ms. De Zutter writes that Carver “dabbled with poetry” prior to writing this book. What I told her was that he had always written poetry but was better known for his fiction. A poet with three highly praised volumes of poetry to his name is not a dabbler.

(5) Finally, Ms. De Zutter writes that our production “like Carver’s book, uses narration.” Carver’s book does not have any narration. Our production does employ fragments of essays and interviews by Carver and Tess Gallagher.

These small cavils aside, it was a great two paragraphs and we’re grateful for the exposure. (I do think you could have run a photo that didn’t make my nose look so big. But that’s another matter.)

Mark Richard

Associate Artistic Director

City Lit Theater Company

Pamela De Zutter replies:

Mr. Richards makes several good points. Thanks for clearing up the errors.