To the editors:

Doug Cassel’s biography of Tim Evans [March 17] was insightful and helpful to those readers attempting to make a decision between the candidates in the April 4 election. I noticed only one error, and that is, I did not support Rich Daley in this year’s Democratic primary. In fact, I proudly supported Larry Bloom.

Martin Oberman

N. LaSalle

Doug Cassel replies:

As one who also picked Bloom in the primary, I am chagrined not to have known of Oberman’s astute selection. I got a misimpression from a February 5 Sun-Times headline, “Daley Draws Jewish Backing,” under which appeared photos of three prominent Jews–Oberman, Bill Singer, and Philip Klutznick. In fact, the text of the article correctly identified Oberman as having endorsed Bloom. My apologies to Oberman, Bloom, and our readers.