To the editors:

Re: March 5 Hitsville by Bill Wyman

Why is it that Chicago writers like Wyman and DeRogatis feel a need to question the genuineness of Eric Clapton’s sorrow over his son’s death? Wyman, in his March 5 column about R.E.M.’s new album, made several negative comments about Clapton and his recent recordings. That’s OK, of course. He’s entitled to write his opinions about Clapton’s music even though it doesn’t have much relevance to R.E.M. But it is clearly in bad taste to imply (even carefully, as he does) that Clapton is motivated to profit from the death.

This is an offensive implication and Mr. Wyman has no way of knowing this. Wyman should stick to music and refrain from insulting the father of a child who died tragically.

Rich Gonzalez

N. Lamon