To the editors:

After paging through the cover section of your March 17 issue I was vaguely bemused; not by any particular item, but rather by the whole.

I looked again and found a feature article on a book about LSD in which the CIA was repeatedly mentioned. There was one review of Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead, with reference to Joan Baez, and another of the show Who Shot JFK?, with reference to J. Edgar Hoover. In the City File was a blurb about Ralph Nader. In Hot Type was an article about a Vietnamese refugee. Your lead feature on Timothy Evans somehow required a few paragraphs on the Martin Luther King assassination and riots, the 1968 Democratic Convention and riots, the Black Panthers and Edward Hanrahan.

So on March 17, 1989, I read in your paper, which I imagine you purport to be current, about the assassinations, riots, musicians, drugs, activists, ogres, bogeymen, and war of the 1960’s. Do you think maybe your focus is narrow? Instead of printing these bits of history and trivia for general consumption, why doesn’t the Reader’s staff just hang out at the Heartland Cafe and talk about it? And when finally nobody even there is interested you can all just fade away.