Kudos to Ben Joravsky for his relentless reporting on TIF spending. With Daley’s iron grip and his loyal band of alderpeople, he will continue to ride roughshod over what appears to be a very complacent Chicago populace. His wholehearted approval of Alderman Cardenas’s proposed tax on bottled water [blog post by Mick Dumke at Clout City, chicagoreader.com] in the city is a slap in the face of every Chicago citizen and a below-the-belt sucker punch to unsuspecting tourists who will pay the price. Cardenas will get a nice pat on the head and who knows? Maybe his very own TIF if he doesn’t have one already. I am anxiously waiting to see which Daley minion will suggest a tax on the air we breathe within the city limits. After all, we are breathing in perfectly good air and expelling carbon dioxide. Give them time. They will figure out how to do it.

Mike Koskiewicz

Portage Park