“I stage photos based on things I’ve seen,” says Evanston artist Iris Binor. “It’s a repetitious process. If I were to come into a room I wanted to use, I would measure all the furniture, remake everything, and then put it in a photo that would most likely be remade again. It takes me a very long time to have a completed project.” Binor moved around a lot as a child and says she often feels like “a visitor from planet Zoloft” observing life around her. She believes she makes things her own through the act of copying, turning real-life scenarios into highly self-conscious pieces of artifice that are reenacted by models using her hand-built props and printed in “revolting,” unnatural colors. She’s donated a remake of a photo from an installation she exhibited in New York a few years back, Zoloft 150mg, to the Evanston Art Center’s Spring Benefit Art Auction. It’s on view along with work by Phyllis Bramson, John Fraser, Richard Loving, Diane Simpson, and about 100 other participating artists at the center, 2603 Sheridan in Evanston. Advance bids are being accepted through May 17, when the fund-raiser will close with a live auction of 20 pieces. (The rest will go in the silent auction.) Tickets for the closing event are $50, but the work can be seen for free from 10 to 4 and 7 to 10 Monday through Thursday, 10 to 4 Saturday, and 1 to 4 Sunday until then. Call 847-475-5300 for more information.