Dear Reader,

This is in response to Jennifer Riddell’s letter [April 15] criticizing Rosenbaum’s review of The Hudsucker Proxy [April 1].

What, you just now figured out that Jonathan’s reviews are all about his “ego and erudition” and have nothing to do with the film? Jeez, what was your first clue?

I must say that I have neither seen the film nor read the review. Actually, I did start to read JR’s exquisitely self-absorbed article . . . but when he gave away the movie’s ending in the second paragraph, I felt there was no need to read further (or see the film, for that matter).

For the record, I will never again read anything by Rosenbaum (life is too short), or by Bill Wyman (Jimi Hendrix was a lesser talent than Kurt Cobain [Hitsville, April 15]? On what planet?), or any of your horrific cartoons (Zippy is a notable exception), or any of your “fuck me on the phone” ads. In fact, that leaves little more than Cecil and News of the Weird.

The Reader has become a preposterous parody of itself, existing only as an outlet for the truly onanistic. I get what I pay for.

Chris Little