To the editors:

Re: “Babies Wanted,” May 12.

We cannot believe the Reader and Bryan Miller did not check out the facts before writing such a false article. We just this week adopted our infant from Lutheran Social Services in a totally open adoption. We met the birthparents several times, had a ceremony where they gave us their baby and we will continue to communicate with them. Thus your statement that birthparents who want an open adoption MUST ADOPT PRIVATELY IS FALSE. This is a great disservice to your readers!! PLEASE PUBLISH THE TRUTH! Sincerely, Happy Parents of an Open adoption.

Name withheld


Bryan Miller replies:

The article was never intended to be an exhaustive survey of adoption agencies. I did attempt to contact nearly a dozen different agencies in the Chicago area, and the information contained in the article reflects what the representatives of those agencies who did return my (repeated) telephone calls told me. I apologize for my erroneous statement, and am delighted to learn that not all agencies are as inflexible as I had been led to believe.