Dear Editors:

I remember when I saw Tom Chiola’s campaign posters all over the city in February [“In and Out,” August 19]. I was curious about the pink triangles in the O’s of each word in the poster. Another thing I was curious about was why the points of the triangles pointed down. From all of the AIDS protests that I had seen till then, the point up was a positive symbol (ACTION = LIFE) while the point down was negative (SILENCE = DEATH). Now that I know more about Chiola’s past, I see why he chose to point the triangle down.

But I still do have one question that has been driving me crazy since I first heard this term. Is there really such a thing as being “openly” gay? Would that make me “openly” heterosexual? As near as I can tell, the only people who are “openly” sexual in any way are porn stars. Perhaps we mean “admittedly” gay, or “uncloseted.” Now, I can imagine someone being open about their homosexuality once they come out. Is that it? Or is this only something that the gays will understand?

Willie Holmes

S. Saginaw