Dear editor:

Clint Eastwood’s Mystic River movie really sucks, and I commend Jonathan Rosenbaum for having the balls to criticize it [“Vengeance Is Theirs,” October 24]. The major movie critics just love the movie, so it isn’t PC to say anything negative about it. Sean Penn’s performance made me roll in my seat. It’s hard to take that guy seriously in a role like that. Kevin Bacon also was very unbelievable, along with his freaked-out wife. I think Tim Robbins was good as Dave, but his miserable ending destroyed his developing role. He deserved better. Clint Eastwood even got into the Catholic Church-bashing fad. During the kidnapping of Dave by the two cop impersonators, we see a ring with a cross on the hand of one of the kidnappers. That is to insinuate that he is a priest. Clint Eastwood is starting to stoop really low. It’s understandable because his filmmaking career is almost over and he wants to go out with a bang.

Clint Eastwood is going to get his Oscars for this movie regardless of what the audience has to say about it. The movie may really suck, but the critics have spoken, and it is done.

Joe Goral