To the editors:

Imagine my shock to find in your Hot Type column (June 26) that “there are no blacks on the editorial board of either the Sun-Times or Tribune and no blacks in significant decision-making positions.”

I have been a member of the Chicago Tribune editorial board since the summer of 1984. The late Leanita McClain was a member for about three years before that. Neither of us ever had much difficulty convincing anyone that we were black.

Now Hot Type has come along and disrupted my life. I am scorned and ridiculed by my colleagues for trying to “pass.” My wife threatens to leave. Even my cat is looking at me strangely.

I appeal to you: Please help me set the record straight. Please let me, my family, and my cat know that we can believe what we read in the Reader.

Clarence Page

Chicago Tribune

Michael Miner replies:

Embarrassed apologies all around, especially to the cat. Believe your master! That isn’t an Acapulco suntan.