To the editors:

I’ve been reading Bill Wyman’s inanities for a couple of years now and have finally boiled over. It was simply inexcusable for any publication to print his idiotic trashing of Jae-ha Kim (7-19-91), whose writing is far superior to his own.

He bases his petty diatribe on arcane differences between her definition of terms and his own. House, hip-hop, rap, sampling; who cares? Thinking people should flush them all down the same toilet.

It was a welcome turn of events when Ms. Kim replaced Don McLeese and Dave Hoekstra as pop music critic at the Sun-Times. Their whiny, trendy, yuppie style of writing and opinions had been a nuisance for years. Rock criticism has in the last 20 years become a kind of self-perpetuating bureaucracy which justifies its own existence as having to explain the obvious to the lumpen. In so doing it employs the big lie: tripe is really quality (Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Pet Shop Boys, George Michael, M.C. Hammer) and quality is useless and irrelevant (Yes, Scorpions, E.L.P., Ramones, Sex Pistols, Motorhead). McLeese/Hoekstra’s fawning over Roland Gift of Fine Young Cannibals was particularly disgusting.

Jae-ha Kim’s fine writing in the Entertainer has always betrayed a lack of adherence to these myths, and this is why she is attacked by Wyman. It would be a shame if she were to lose her position at the Sun-Times because of the trendy babbling of a disco sycophant like Wyman.

Joseph P. Foley

W. 67th St.