Bush: Just put it there, thank you.

Daley: Uh, this is my drink. I’m Richard Daley, Chicago’s white, er–I mean mayor.

Bush: Oh! Ha-ha, excuse me, what I meant, who I thought you were, I was waiting for…

Daley: Mr. President, I’m honored to be here today at this officious event.

Bush: So, how is old Minneapolis?

Daley: I haven’t been there.

Bush: You’re the mayor and you haven’t been–er, I mean Chicago! How is the old Big Apple?

Daley: Uh…

Bush: Chicago … schools. Your schools have been nationally recognized. Why, my drug czar, Dan Bennett, when he was schools czar he called them “the best in the world” or was it “nation.”

Daley: Uh, I think it was “the worst in the nation.”

Bush: Oh, er, that’s not too good. What’s wrong? Is it the drug thing? The birth control thing? You know, young girls with babies in class, dropping out; boys selling crack on street corners, even in the halls, using their lockers as drug supermarkets…

Daley: We need better teachers, we need to get drugs out of the schools, get kids involved in good clean fun and learning, get better teachers, get drugs out of the schools, get kids … (whispers) it was that superintendent, Manford Byrd.

Bush: Oh! Isn’t he the (whispers) black guy? You know, the one Jesse has a thing about?

Daley: No, I mean yes, I mean it’s not his being black, it’s his being a bad superintendent. I mean, I have nothing against black superintendents–Rudy Polk who I just hired, he’s black. Many people are black. There are black people in the schools. I like black people. They deserve an education. They deserve a job as superintendent.

Bush: I hear ya. Yeah, I know, it’s this race thing. You have a lot of it in Detroit so you know what I mean. I mean, take Dan Lucas. He’s black. It’s like Dan Byrd, you know, qualified guy, the Democrats shoot him in the teeth, just to spite their noses.

Daley: Uh…

Dan Quayle: Excuse me, Mr. President.

Bush: Oh, hello Dan! We were just having a little guy-talk kind of thing, you know, between old pals. Dan Daley here’s mayor of–they should put this stuff in my briefing notes, it’s like being a moderator on one of those discussion things–he’s from out west.

Daley: Uh, Chicago

Quayle: Ha-ha! Well, that’s great. Really. You golf?

Daley: No, Irish.

Quayle: Never heard of it. Must be a regional sport. Uh, Mr. President, one of the senators, uh, his name escapes me, he wants to ask you something about George Lucas, why he wasn’t conformed, or something.

Bush: Ah, yes, back to business. Good luck back in Boston, Dan.

Daley: Thank you, Mr. President.