To the editors:

The house hunting article in the March 29, 1991, issue of the Reader was one of the most honest, best displays of journalism we have seen for a long time. Having relocated to the East Beverly neighborhood after a number of stops throughout the midwest has brought our family in tune with what those Du Pagers are looking so tirelessly for: community.

Within a mile of our home there are five clean, large parks. Two have swimming pools, all have new playground equipment. The oak trees on our property are over 200 years old, and this has been verified by the state conservation department. We also have a diverse group of neighbors, which really makes this a community, including the feared eight letter word to Du Pagers, “minority.”

Let those good folks continue to flee farther and farther west, so we can keep our little secret to ourselves!

John and Pat Singler

W. 104th Place