To the editors:

I, Patrick Prindiville, have come to the conclusion that Ms. Mary Shen Barnidge is ready for the psycho ward at Lutheran General. This is the only conclusion that I could come to after reading Ms. Barnidge’s review of The Boys Next Door [July 2]. In this review she wrote, “Whatever Griffin, Flynn, the cast, and the audience may have done to shut off their consciences, the result is a production that’s played for maximum comic effect. . . . ” It is true that the play has many scenes that use the situations of the characters in a comical fashion, but Ms. Barnidge fails to mention the heartbreak and overwhelming fear that the characters suffer in the second act.

I am 14 years old and for 14 years I have learned not just to accept, but to also love my older sister who is mentally handicapped. To tell you the truth, when my sister gets herself into one of those odd situations I laugh on the outside but I feel the embarrassment and mental anguish that she isn’t intelligent enough to feel.

Patrick Prindiville

Park Ridge