To the editors:

Excuse me, but doesn’t the Reader have any editors to monitor when their writers aren’t doing their jobs? Why is Bill Wyman, who supposedly is your rock writer, ending his reviews with digs at the Sun-Times and Jae-Ha Kim [“Vying for the Pantheon,” March 13]? Who cares what he thinks about the paper or her? He’s not paid to monitor that. He’s paid to write about music, and even that takes him forever.

Wyman manages to contribute, what, a story or two every couple weeks. Christ. Take an Evelyn Woods class buddy and speed it up. I realize the Reader is a weekly, but it’d be nice to read a review occasionally of a show that happened in the not so distant past–and one that wasn’t a review of Kim’s review. (Speaking of which, why is he holding on to reviews she wrote nine months ago? That New FADS show was last July!) And if it is going to take him forever to report on something, why isn’t his stuff more interesting? The Lou Reed piece was laughably boring.

I wouldn’t know Kim from Greg Kot if they sat on my face. But I had the “pleasure” of meeting Wyman last year at the World at the Morrissey concert. My friends and I camped out for tickets and got great seats close enough to see up Morrissey’s nose. We sat right behind Wyman, who made a big deal of making sure everyone knew who he was. At the end of the show, Morrissey threw souvenirs out into the audience including one of his tambourines. Who leapt up for it, caught it and had an orgasm over it? Bill Wyman. I guess getting free tickets isn’t enough for the windbag. He has to have souvenirs meant for real, paying fans too.

All I can say is, Mike Miner look out for your job. It looks like Wyman’s gunning for the Hot Type position. God help us all.

Stephen Haight


Bill Wyman replies:

The writer has me confused with someone else.