To the editors:

I frequently have to save my Reader in order that I might take my time to get into the articles you present. Such is the case when I ran across the comments of Mimi Harris on subsidized housing in the Winthrop-Kenmore corridor [Neighborhood News, September 14]. She states “I wouldn’t want what happened in Old Town to happen here. It used to be integrated, now it’s upscale.”

The implication here seems to be that an “upscale” neighborhood cannot be integrated, or that minorities cannot afford to reside in a middle class neighborhood without some form of subsidy. As a black, and a long time resident of the Lincoln Park, Old Town area (since 1969), I take great issue, and am quite disturbed by her comments.

This is but another example of why race relations in the City of Chicago are retarded.

Richard M. Barnett

N. Wells