Dear Ms. Isaacs:

I read with interest your article entitled “Full Frontal Farmer,” which appeared in the Business [February 25]. Reference is made to an open house at Forest Park on Saturday, March 5.

Your article indicated that the late sculptor Albin Polasek had three of his pieces located in the outdoors of Chicago: The Spirit of Music in Grant Park, the Masaryk Memorial Monument on Midway Plaisance, and a bronze bust of German critic Gotthold Lessing in Washington Park.

There are actually two additional Polasek outdoor pieces, namely Mother and The Pilgrim, both of which are outdoor bronzes located at the Bohemian National Cemetery at 5255 N. Pulaski Road.

Friends of Bohemian National Cemetery conduct tours frequently. The next tour of Bohemian National Cemetery is May 7. Please consider yourself invited. I think you would find not only the Polasek sculptures interesting but many of the other monuments as well.

Joseph F. Voskicky Jr.

W. Jackson