To the editors:

I realize the editorial section of publications is to print various and opposing opinions, but when what is printed is outright lies, meant to mislead the public, I strongly object.

I am referring to Daniel Sobieski’s letter, September 4. This must be one of his favorites, for I’ve seen it published elsewhere.

Stating, “There appears to have been little or no global warming over the past century” is simply not true! Scientific evidence proves that, in fact, global warming is taking place right now. We’ve had ice ages in the past, and may have them again in the far distant future, but in no stretch of the imagination will they happen simultaneously. Mr. Sobieski’s deduction that they will is absolutely ridiculous!

This most recent letter of his is so typical of what he sends to whoever will print his hateful attacks on the environment and human rights. Why a person can become so propollution and antilife is beyond me.

I truly hope that your publication does not become another area where the lunatic-Right will find it convenient to spew forth their hatred and intolerance for all that is good in the world.

Linda Ward

Evergreen Park