Anne Melinda Palmore and Darryl Geoffrey Crosby are the principals of 3D Design Studio, the two-person design firm that won the Universal and Affordable House Competition. As we are the only employees of the firm I know that we were never contacted in any form by Ms. Becker before she wrote her article [“Stop the Blandness!,” January 17]. Both Darryl and I are mystified that she would state that he had won the competition and not the firm (the two of us). Had she contacted us she would have learned that as a two-person firm we produce all of the firm’s projects together and that we never give credit to one principal or the other. She would have also known that the name of the firm is 3D Design Studio and not 3D Design Group.

Anne Melinda Palmore

3D Design Studio


(Mr.) Lynn Becker replies:

The article was a work of criticism, so I wasn’t obligated to contact the firms whose work I described. But as it happens, I introduced myself to both Ms. Palmore and Mr. Crosby when I visited their offices to obtain images of their winning design. I can only hope that my chagrin at being so quickly forgotten will be accepted as adequate penalty for not crediting both of them. I do apologize for bungling the name of the firm.