To: The Meter [March 12]

You must be, yourself, a Billy Corgan or Smashing Pumpkins fan. You would have to be to write a cover story on this pompous, overrated, and easily forgotten “rock star.” There are so many, many musicians in Chicago more worthy of the article. It’s a shame someone had to pay for the ink wasted on Billy Corgan.

Billy Corgan can produce and play STUDIO music, but not live. If you’ve ever seen the man perform live in concert you would recognize this by the horrid, screeching sounds coming out of his mouth. If you have not seen a live performance, see him, and ask yourself if you would still write such a praising, positive article. If Mr. Corgan would like to revive his once-glorious career, then he should do what he does best and stay in the STUDIO. Or focus on his talent as a writer. It’s sad to see talent (as in studio and writing) be destructed by a conflicting personality desperate of name recognition and public praise. I personally don’t believe the man will be able to help his career by releasing “live” material. Of course he wishes “I’d been ready ten years ago,” because in 1994 the Smashing Pumpkins were at the height of their career, and he was raking in the money and fighting away the fans…not desperate to show up to such a laughable, sad event as the destruction of the Bartman ball.

Let’s see…Billy Corgan is “about to turn 37.” That’s a funny age, isn’t it? We are seeing a lot of once-talked-about-in-all-the-gossip-columns “rock stars” around that age doing desperate things for any attention. Does doing this article remind you of any other desperate-for-attention, recently solo rock stars? Say, 40-year-old Courtney Love? What stupid, self-damning thing has she done in the past few days? Careers end and the spotlight fades. It happens. Accept it. Move on to things you are good at, or find a career or hobby you can be good at.

Let’s stop focusing on the clingers-on and start focusing on other talent here in Chicago that could use the spotlight that is reflected off of Billy Corgan’s massive, bald cranium.

A fanatic of music,

Brandon R.