I am offended and insulted at your wrongheaded decision to print nothing but whiny complaint letters in your 5/16/03 issue!

The first letter writer is offended and demeaned by what he perceives as a judgmentalism vis-a-vis living with a disability.

The second letter writer is disgusted and insulted by the theme of one of your advertisements.

The third writer sees “subtle racism” and “ingrained bias” in one of your articles.

After this parade of victims, a reader has no energy left to enjoy your articles, peruse your classifieds, or patronize your advertisers. It is enough to contend daily with one’s own personal issues without being subjected to the bleating of outraged advocates. Don’t we see enough of these people on TV, being bussed in to protest marches, where they wave placards and shout incessantly?

Look, my family has paranoid schizophrenia, alcoholism, sex addiction, bipolar disorder, infidelity, drug addiction, child abandonment, and criminal behavior. Just look at how many issues I can mine for perceived insults! How many opportunities to be aggrieved! What a rich vein of social pathologies! Where’s my soapbox? My government handout? My special “victim” status?

Are your readers as tired as I am of listening to complaints by people who find opportunities for outrage under every rock? Of people who rail against the Confederate flag symbolism but don’t say a word about lousy schools that imprison and condemn their children? Who object to pinup calendars but see no harm in debasing women in rap lyrics? Who, like James Thurber’s dog, “growl every time his name is mentioned, under the impression that people have nothing but ill to say about him”?

People, you are wearing out your audience. And I am outraged, offended, disgusted, and insulted about it!!!

DJ in DePaul