A correction and suggestion for the indefatigable Ben Joravsky. The correction: Joravsky identified one of Dan Proft’s clients as the Republican mayor of Cicero in his recent dispatch on Peraica’s election night parade [The Works, November 17].

Larry Dominick is the president of Cicero and is an independent, both because he was elected on a nonpartisan ballot and because his political organization actively and successfully supports both Democratic and Republican candidates in primary and general elections. My suggestion is to consider whether his admirable crusade for transparency and accountability for the half billion or so of city taxpayer dollars in TIF funds might be poisoning his perception of Mayor Daley and any elected officials who support him. Reflexive anti-Daley sentiment can weaken the impact of Joravsky’s reporting, which is among the most thoughtful and budget-centered work in the city. The old battles between regulars and independents are fading into the past, and the TIF debate–which Joravsky keeps alive–doesn’t neatly fit into that old paradigm that is losing its relevance with every election cycle.

Dan Johnson-Weinberger

President, Progressive Public Affairs

W. Evergreen

Ben Joravsky replies:

Johnson-Weinberger is correct: Larry Dominick ran as an independent (as did his opponent, Ramiro Gonzalez).