To the editors:

Congratulations to Grant Pick on his in-depth Steve Hindi/Shedd Scourge cover story (November 5). I’d like to make two additional points:

1. Animal Rights Mobilization (ARM!) is the largest, grass-roots, activist animal rights organization in the Chicago/suburban area. In November 1987, we began as a branch of the national group, Trans-Species Unlimited. Our name was changed to Animal Rights Mobilization in 1990. We are now a totally independent, Chicago-based animal rights organization. We are the group that sponsors the Fur-Free Friday March Against Fur every year the day after Thanksgiving, bringing hundreds of activists to the streets of Chicago. I think it only fair to point out that at least 50 percent, if not 75 percent, of Chicago Animal Rights Coalition (CHARC) is made up of activists “borrowed” from Animal Rights Mobilization.

2. Ken Ramirez of the Shedd states, “No one cares more about these animals than we do.” William Braker talks about “the lines going into the aquarium–it’s a full house every day.” If these two statements are true, WHY is the Shedd staging so many social, fund-raising benefit events there? These “galas” extend into the wee small hours of the morning. Then, clean-up crews come in probably until dawn. What does this do to the sleep/wake patterns of the whales, dolphins, sea otters, harbor seals and penguins they have in captivity? It would be like having unwanted guests partying in your living room all night long and expecting you not to notice or be disturbed. If the Shedd really cares about these animals, and if attendance is so great, why are they subjecting them to this indignity? Or, do they expect us to believe that all the sea creatures are partying and enjoying themselves too?

Barbara Chadwick


Animal Rights Mobilization