I read with much amusement Tim Klein’s letter regarding Jack Helbig’s critique of our hit production of Popcorn [June 8]. Certainly Mr. Klein is entitled to his opinion about our play, which he called “the worst piece of theater I have ever seen in my entire life.” Unfortunately, he distorts some rather important facts while outlining his critique. Mr. Klein writes, “Within ten minutes, at least half the audience left in pure disgust.” This departure from the truth, while I’m sure he felt strengthened his case, is simply false. The fact is, the evening Mr. Klein saw Popcorn the only other audience members that left were a party of four, one of whom was a teenage girl. The parents of the girl were understandably uncomfortable with the adult content. So to say that over half the audience left is laughable.

But even more egregious is Mr. Klein’s insinuation that he and his “theatergoing friend” actually paid for their tickets. Mr. Klein writes, “We tried to get our money back from the theater, but they refused.” In fact, Mr. Klein’s theatergoing friend did contact Profiles to ask for a refund. We declined their refund request, based on their reasons: “We didn’t like it, it was bad.” However, we did offer them complimentary tickets to our next production. The result of this conversation was Mr. Klein and his theatergoing friend canceling their check.

One would suspect that someone as well versed in theater as Mr. Klein would understand that no opinion expressed in print is any more valid than his own. With any hope, this experience has taught Mr. Klein the highly subjective nature of the arts. Everyone is certainly entitled to an opinion, however, you have to pay for it.

Darrell W. Cox

Associate Artistic Director