To the editors:

I want to compliment Emily White on her very objective and comprehensive article, “Revolution Girl-Style Now!” (September 25). For too long, girl bands have been seen as aberrations in a patriarchal music world and have been dismissed as merely something pretty to look at. It’s encouraging to see bands such as Babes in Toyland, Hole, and Bikini Kill finally getting exposure which focuses on their musical talent and feminist ideologies rather than on their volatile combination of breasts and guitars! (What more could a guy want?!. . . . )

This feminist punk music serves to empower young women. It, in essence, tells them that it’s good to scream about things which piss you off and also says, loud and clear, that it is absolutely not necessary to have a penis in order to play guitar! It’s great to hear that the screeching, angry noise that girl bands have been making is finally being heard.

Jackie Russow

Nice Slacks Magazine