Dear responsible of the newspaper,

I’m Jorge Dyszel, director of the movie Finally, the Sea. I write to you in respect to the ironic criticisms and comments that have been published in your newspapers signed by Mr. Rosenbaum [Section Two, April 16].

I strongly believe that said comments have been trendy, damaging, and with absolute lack of investigation. The journalist has published his views without regarding the awards and prizes the film has obtained in Italy, Dominican Republic, and Spain. He has disregarded the massive and strong reaction of the Cuban people living in Havana (15,000 people saw the film in just 16 screenings), which have been supportive and after watching the film encouraged to claim for changes in Cuban policy towards the rafters.

He has also disregarded that the film has been the most attended in Miami Latino Film Festival and that’s the first case after many years of public support from all Cuban people in both Miami and Havana.

The film has been declared by the Argentine Film Commission of “special interest” to the Argentine cinematography.

Further the journalist comments, I’m very happy to know that the 18,500 people which have seen it worldwide don’t think the same.

I very much hope that you publish my words before the Chicago Latino Film Festival ends.

Thanks in advance.

Jorge Dyszel

Director and producer

Buenos Aires