To the editors:

I appreciated most of Tom Boeker’s criticism of The Puppetmaster of Lodz [October 21] but it makes me very angry when people make relativist statements like the Holocaust can be compared to the Israeli’s treatment of Palestinians! Hogwash! The Israelis have not stuck Palestinians into gas chambers or slave camps. In keeping riots down, Palestinians have been killed. Big difference! Syria and Jordan and Iraq massacred their rioters, hence you (Tom) see no “disobedience” in those countries. Perhaps too, you (Tom) should read the Oct. 21 issue’s article called “The Cambodian Nightmare . . .” and you (Tom) will see that the Jewish relief agencies here in Chicago have helped refugees like Vietnamese and the Cambodians to resettle in Chicago and find jobs, etc. Jews are a tiny people in the world, but we have made vast contributions to society in spite of our small numbers and the loss of one-third of our people in WW II.

Susan Kaplan-Toch