Dear Reader,

I realize that it’s only a cartoon, and P.S. Mueller usually has some esoteric and/or funny items in your newspaper, but the strip on the front page of Section 4 of the July 8 issue is really uncalled-for.

There is nothing funny, thought provoking, or of any redeeming value to seeing someone bludgeoning a cat, even a stylized cartoon cat, after that cat only was seeking attention. If the cartoonist was attempting to get people’s ire up about inhumane treatment of pets, that goal was met, although there are, unfortunately, many real-life examples of such behavior. We don’t need any more of that.

Jeff Weiner

Jefferson Park

P.S. Mueller replies:

My little cartoon had not much at all to do with violence against kitties and quite a bit to do with the not-so-subtle savaging of children’s minds by bottom-line consumer media. I felt that the kid’s angrily distracted response to the creature’s bid for attention should be at least as twisted as the market-driven sensibility that had deprived the kid of any ability to react naturally to tangible reality. I selected a harmless kitty as a covictim and closed the story with the TV purring its appreciation of the boy’s slavish attention because I sort of liked the cheap cartoon irony of the whole thing. Hey, it’s what I do. The cartoon is pro-cat and pro-kid.

I have two cats. I love cats. For me, there’s not much point to a world without cats. My little cartoon helped to feed my cats. So you can see that you have misunderstood me entirely and that my message is truly meant to benefit the fuzzy little house-trained varmints. Have you ever seen what they do to mice? It’s really cool.