Thursday, August 1, 2700 block of North Hoyne, 7:30 PM. Theft and battery. Male offender and 63-year-old female victim were talking when offender leaned forward and seized victim’s 12-ounce bottle of beer. After victim ordered offender to “leave it back,” offender pushed victim down and fled. Offender was identified and arrested in different building on same block.

Monday, August 12, 100 block of East Randolph, 12:05 PM. Battery. 40-year-old male cabdriver was sitting at stoplight, talking on cell phone. Male offender approached from behind on bicycle, snatched phone from victim’s hand, and threw it back at him before fleeing in an unknown direction.

Wednesday, August 14, 17 E. Monroe, 2:40 PM. Theft. 39-year-old female offender was caught by security guards stealing 16 towels from linen closet in the Palmer House Hilton. Guards informed arresting officers that offender had been collared for same offense in January and April and had been warned to stay away.

Thursday, August 22, intersection of State and Lake, approximately 7 to 8:30 AM. Theft. Unknown offender or offenders stole three five-by-ten-foot steel plates used by Peoples Gas to cover holes in street.

Thursday, August 22, 400 E. Wacker, 6:35 PM. Assault. Unidentified male employee of city traffic services office became enraged at 50-year-old female coworker, telling her, “Call Rocky, call your husband. I have people I can call, too. I don’t care who you call.” Offender then hurled a telephone at victim, striking her in the head. Victim complained to officers of a headache and “mental stress.”

Wednesday, August 25, 700 block of South Western, 5 PM. Theft. Hot dog stand employee momentarily broke off conversation with unidentified male offender to fill order. Offender then reached behind front counter and snatched coffee cake before fleeing in gray four-door auto.