Sunday, March 18, 6 PM, 900 block of West Wolfram. Criminal trespass. Couple awoke Saturday morning and noticed that their bottle of olive oil had been uncorked. Woman replaced cork, but discovered Sunday morning that it had been removed again, and again early Sunday evening. Police advised couple to change their locks.

Saturday, March 24, 6:35 PM, 2940 N. Ashland. Criminal trespass. Grocery store clerk encountered stranger sitting in a storage room eating a banana. Clerk asked man to leave. Man replied, “I’m not leaving till I finish my banana.” Police were called and arrested offender.

Monday, March 26, 6:20 PM, 700 block of West Montrose. Robbery. Man and woman were “being friendly in an intimate manner” in man’s car. Woman lifted man’s wallet from his pants pocket and attempted to flee. Man gave chase and caught her by jacket, which she slipped out of. Offender escaped but left identification in car.

Friday, March 30, 12:30 PM, 4725 N. Western. Robbery. Man approached

bank teller saying he

had a gun and demanded contents of her drawer. Teller handed $4,000 to offender, who placed cash in leatherbound Bible and left.

–Mike Sula