July 7, 9:35 PM, 1800 block of South Calumet. Reckless endangerment, weapons violation. Officers observed suspect carrying duffel bag with protruding double-sided ax. Suspect was searched, and a knife and pair of brass knuckles were discovered. Offender refused to reveal his plans for ax.

August 2, 12:25 PM, 200 block of South Wabash. Armed robbery. Offender approached victim, demanding to know his gang affiliation. Victim declined to answer, whereupon offender produced a knife and ordered him to give up his Burger King value meal. Offender fled north on Wacker with lunch.

August 7, 7:15 PM, 4000 block of West 59th. Robbery. Store manager observed man secreting 30 sticks of deodorant and a package of batteries into bag. When confronted, suspect brandished a box cutter.

August 9, 10:30 AM, 100 block of South Racine. Theft. After being detained by police for questioning, homeless man seized officer’s gym bag and fled. Officers gave chase, apprehended subject, and recovered bag containing gym shoes, shorts, and pair of socks.

August 10, 3:38 AM, 1600 block of South Racine. Assault, robbery. Unidentified female maced elderly man sitting in his apartment doorway cleaning an upright bass with a kitchen knife. After a struggle, offender seized victim’s pants from countertop and fled. Garment contained victim’s wallet, no cash.

August 10, 12:10 AM, 3500 block of North Broadway. Shoplifting. 24-year-old offender was observed in medicine aisle of grocery store stuffing items into book bag. Police apprehended subject outside store and recovered seven boxes of laxatives from bag.